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Mini FAQ

1. What is the purpose of your service?
Many labs have so-called tough proteins, either hard to express, or difficult to purify. We try to deal with these proteins, it will give researchers a second chance to get their favorite proteins.

2. How do you charge the protein production?
The charge on protein production will depend on the difficulty of expression and purification, the quality of the final sample, and production scale. It can be negotiated on custom base. If you can convince us that the protein we are working on has a scientific significance, you can get a deep discount. If you are a small lab or starting-up lab and budget is tight, you can get a discount. If you require a second batch of production, you can also get a discount. Otherwise, for 10mg FPLC-pure protein that is enough for antibody production and initial characterization, we will charge you for a month labor of a scientist, plus the cost of materials. You pay our experience, not the protein. Of course, if you like, you can make offer.

3. What is the advantage to use your service instead of do-it-ourselves?
You have problem protein, what you can do is to hire someone to do it in house. It take time to identify suitable candidates, take time to get them to fit into your project. Also, the equipments to run large scale of protein purification may be out of your budget.

4. What if you could not get the protein?
You walk away and look for other producers, or give us another month to work it out.

5. What do you mean by "free protein"?
This offer is reserved to help some small labs to get what they deserve. Also, to help us to recover the cost, we will request them either to allow us to distribute the protein, or name us as the exclusive sub-contractor on their grant application.

6. What expression systems are available in your Lab?
We mainly depend on the prokaryotic expression system (E. Coli). We also try to produce proteins from yeast, baculovirus, and mammalian system.

7. Do you have a "secret weapon"?
No, we are just scientists with more than 15 years of experience on tough protein.  We may have different sense about the protein from you do, and that may facilitate us to find out the right conditions for getting the protein.

8. What is your protein production scale?
The main task of our lab is to develop the production protocol. We can run protein production at small scale (10mg) or at pilot scale (10,000mg).

9. What about my intelligent property?
You have it and we keep it confidential. Without your written permission, no one else may have it.

10. How do we start it?
Please fill out the Question form, and fax it to us, we will contact you. Or , if you prefer, you may visit our lab at 4178 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite I, San Diego, CA 92121. In the case that you can not be physically in our lab,  you can visit our lab through internet (Self-tour). However, please be advised that we may not be able to take every request with our  limited resources. If we take it, it will be your privilege to have your proteins purified by .