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Pilot Scale Production

  have the capability to run gram level of  protein purification. We offer this service only for our preferred clients because of our limited manpower. 
Cell cultivation can be achieved in two 20L stirred tanks, shaking flasks(30L total), or fermentors(2L, twin 3L, and 42L). 
Cell harvest can be done through hollow fiber ultra filtration at 30~120L/h 
Cell disruption can be worked out at 8000~10000ml/h at 15000psi 
Liquid chromatography can be run at 200~1600ml/min 
Concentration can be carried out at 500~2000ml/min 
Buffer exchange/desalting can be performed at 1000~2000ml of sample volume.

1000ml GST-Tag affinity column, 1000ml His-tag affinity column, 8000ml gel filtration column, and 8000ml IEX column are also available. For those finest purification projects, we have a Pharmacia Biopilot system ( two P-6000 pumps, 100ml/min gradient,  2Mpa), and a Waters Advance protein purification system (4 solvants, 45ml/min gradient, 750psi),  a Waters prep LC3000 system (4 solvants, 80ml/min, 2500psi), and 3 ABI  BioCAD (BioCAD, BioCAD-RPM, BioCAD250, 6 solvant, 250ml/min, 3000psi). Waters AP-5 high pressure Glass columns (100-1200ml, 1000psi) are also available to pack your tested resins in the pilot scale production. 

4 regular FPLC systems (10ml/min, 4MPa), and a Bio-Rad biologic system (10ml/min, 1000psi), equipped with MonoQ, MonoS, reversed phase, and hydrophobic columns, can be used to optimize the separation conditions. Electroelution system from ABI (analytic) and Bio-Rad (preparative) are also available.