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Hepatitis B virus Core Particles 

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) Core Particles is made from  240 identical subunits of p21 (T = 4). They are noninfectious particles. Modified Core particles carrying foreign epitopes may become next generationof vaccine (antigen carrier)

The researchers in ProteinX Lab are interested in the HBV core particles since they may become new nanoscale building platform. For example, sensitive peptides or other compounds may encapsulate in the particles, thus they can have longer effective time. The reference shows you how to build a nanoscale ''spot lights".

Provided are recombinant HBV core particles (not subunits), expressed in E. Coli, purified under native condition by conventional chromatography.  Sample is more than 95% pure without contamination of imidazole and nickel, is ready to use as control when you try to immunize with modified core particles. We are working on to provide research community with pure subunits for encapsulating peptide/compounds.

HBV core particles                       95% pure, 250ug,          Cat. No. 2004301 $380.00

This is a 3D nanoscale building platform, see 2D platform from ProteinX Lab---S-layer protein

Native display of complete foreign protein domains on the surface of hepatitis B virus capsids