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is a protein structure orientated lab. We supply new proteins to the research community, and perform the finest  protein purification and analysis. The truth is that your proteins will be purified by our hands-on Ph.D. scientists. We also offer biomolecular interaction analysis by using Biacore® 1000. One nice thing about our service is that we ask neither prepayment nor milestone payments in custom protein expression and purification.  If we fail to get your proteins, there is no charge (Mini FAQ for more info).  Lab is established in year 2000, run by protein chemists. It is the source of your trouble proteins.  5 finest structural biology labs in the nation are teamed up with our lab to provide protein structure determination. And we have a dream of that we will be able to supply self-assemble peptides/proteins for construction of nanodevices from the bottom up.

Here,  you may be assisted  to get your soft diamonds (proteins). With them, you may explore your wonder world.

We offer 

1) Contract purification of difficult proteins.No setting-up fee!
No prepayment!  No payment if we fail! (Academic only)
2) Large scale protein purification service for structure determination.
3) Pilot scale protein production (10g), only for preferred clients.
4) Antigen and antibody purification and modification.
5) Virus particle production. 
6) Protein analysis on Biacore® 1000.
7) Biopanning screen on Biacore® 1000.
8) Purify unknown partners through  Biacore® 1000. New!
9) Transduction proteins preparation (including poly-Arg Tag, TAT-Tag).

Contact us

4178 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite i
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-678-8765
Fax: 413-751-0277

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Remembering Dr. Nat Sternberg

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