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Apoptosis Proteins

Apoptosis is a major biological process. Living or dying is controlled through a class of proteins. Some protein keep cell living (anti-apoptosis protein, e.g. Bcl-2), other proteins initiate the apoptosis (pro-apoptosis proteins, e.g. Bax).  Interaction between your proteins and apoptosis proteins may be an evidence that they function through apoptosis pathway.  supplies a reagent grade of common apoptosis proteins for your convenience. These apoptosis proteins are active.  The discovery of  channel function of Bcl-2 is based on our pure Bcl-2 protein. Other interesting properties of Bax are also observed through our pure Bax protein. 

Provided are recombinant proteins,  expressed in E. Coli, purified under native condition (except Bcl-2). Proteins can be used as input marker or positive control (Western Blotting). They  are also suitable for function study (binding assay), specifically, you may try to identify if  your proteins interact with these apoptosis proteins. For this purpose, we present selectively one set of Bcl-2  mutants and one set of Bax mutants as your negative controls. BID and Bax samples have no detergents, are suitable for inducing cytochrome C release from mitochondria.  If you need other apoptosis proteins/domains, please contact us. If proteins work for you, and you need more, we will offer bulk rate ($1600/1000ug).

New  customer, we will ship double amount of protein!

Bcl-2:       Human,          95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20020056,  $380

  Bcl-2 (-BH1):  Human,      95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20040110,  $380
  Bcl-2 (-BH2):  Human,      95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20040120,  $380
  Bcl-2 (-BH3):  Human,      95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20040130,  $380
  Bcl-2 (-BH4):  Human,      95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20040140,  $380
  Bcl-2 (-NWGR): Human,      95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20040150,  $380
  Bcl-2 N-terminal,8K Human, 95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20040160,  $380
Bcl-2 Mixture (Bcl-2, N-terminal, and C-terminal):            
                 Human,      95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20040170,  $380

Bcl-XL:      Human,          95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20020057,  $380

BID:         Mouse,          95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20020058,  $380
  tBID:      Mouse,          95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20040058,  $380

Bax:         Mouse,          95%,   50ug, Cat. No. 20020059,  $380

GST-Bcl-XL:  Human,          95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20020018,  $380

GST-BID:     Mouse,          95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20020019,  $380

GST-Bax:     Mouse,          95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20020020,  $380

  GST-Bax (-BH1):     Mouse, 95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20040010,  $380
  GST-Bax (-BH2):     Mouse, 95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20040020,  $380
  GST-Bax (-BH3):     Mouse, 95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20040030,  $380
  GST-Bax (-IGDE):    Mouse, 95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20040040,  $380
  GST-Bax D/A in IGDE:Mouse, 95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20040050,  $380

GST:                         95%,  100ug, Cat. No. 20020021,  Free


Other apoptosis domains/proteins (Not in stock)

Fas cytosolic domain, Ded domain, Card domain, F-Box domain, Dap3, SKP, Bcl-G, Bak, Bad, Bik, Ced4, Daxx, Apaf-1, Grim

Selected References:
1. Schendel SL, Xie Z, Montal MO, Matsuyama S, Montal M, Reed JC. Channel formation by antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997 May 13;94(10):5113-8.
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4. Li H, Kolluri SK, Gu J, Dawson MI, Cao X, Hobbs PD, Lin B, Chen G, Lu J, Lin F, Xie Z, Fontana JA, Reed JC, Zhang X. Cytochrome c release and apoptosis induced by mitochondrial targeting of nuclear orphan receptor TR3. Science. 2000 Aug 18;289(5482):1159-64.

Proteins are for research only, not to be used in human being. GST technology is licensed from Chemicom International, Inc.



Email Communication  from our customers

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your response.  Now more questions.  Do you have any mutants of
Bcl-2 and if so which amino acids are included in the mutants?  If not can
you make some?  What are the charges for special orders? 

Also, the work with Bcl-2 went just fine.


Robert K. Winn, PhD
University of Washington
Department of Surgery Box 359796


HI Steven!  Good talking to you yesterday.  Thank you for shipping these
out for us.  We have been very pleased with quality and service.

Thanks again for all your help!

Tammy Flagg
Laboratory Manager
Shands Cancer Center
University of Florida


Dear Dr. Xie,

... My experiment with the Bax worked well. I have been lately concentrating on certain other experiments and have tested cytochrome c release from isolated mitochondria only twice in the last 3 months, but the bax controls worked both the times. The otehr Bax mutants you mentioned are very apt for the experiments we have planned in near future. I will let you know soon. Thanks a lot for your patience and assistance.

Best regards,

Prashant   Jain
Department of Biochemistry
Univ. of Houston
Houston, Texas (USA)