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cAMP pathway proteins


"The recent discovery of Epac (~97kDa), a novel cAMP receptor protein, opens up a new dimension in studying cAMP mediated cell signaling. It is conceivable that many of the cAMP functions previously attributed to cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) are in fact also Epac-dependent. The finding of an additional intracellular cAMP receptor provides an opportunity to further dissect the divergent roles that cAMP exerts in different cell types." Fang C. Mei, et al. (2002) J. Bio. Chem. Vol. 277(13),11497.


Rap1a is a  small GTP binding protein, have a 50% similarity to Ras, and antagonizes the Ras transforming activity through tight binding to Ras-GAP.  Rap1 interfers with Ras-dependent Raf1 activation by inhibiting binding of Ras to the cysteine-rich region of Raf1. It has been found that Rap1 is also a substrate of Epac1.

Provided are recombinant human Epac1 (149-881) and Rap1, expressed in E. Coli, purified under native condition. They are functional proteins, and tested by researchers in University of Texas and NIH.

GST-Epac1(149-881)           95% pure,  100ug,          Cat. No. 2003106  $380.00
GST-Epac1(149-881)           95% pure, 1000ug,          Cat. No. 2003107 $1600.00

GST-Rap1a                    95% pure,  100ug,          Cat. No. 2003108  $380.00
GST-Rap1a                    95% pure, 1000ug,          Cat. No. 2003109 $1600.00

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