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Integrase (recombinase)

Researchers in University of Pittsburgh ask us to produce a phage integrase, since it is the best integrase they have used so far. The integration yield is over 90% compared with Cre integrase which give 50% of integration. We think it may be useful for other researchers. 


Integrase (56Kd)                                           95% pure,         100ug,                    Cat. No. 2006108                      $380.00 
                                                                                               1000ug,                    Cat. No. 2006109                    $1600.00 

Technical note: Depending on the size of your plasmids, 1ug of integrase will process 2~5ug of plasmids. No other enzymes are needed. Please  refer to the reference below for the sequence of integration site.  This is for large quantity of recombinant DNA preparation used in gene delivery. 

Pallavi Ghosh, Amy I Kim, and Graham F. Hatfull.  The orientation of Mycobacteriophage Bxb1 Integration is solely dependent on the central dinucleotide of attP and attB. Molecular Cell, Vol. 12, 1101-1111, Nov. 2003 

Proteins are for research only, not to be used in human being.