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Surface Layer Protein  for Nanotechnology

125Kd S-Layer Protein has been  purified in ProteinX Lab. It forms a homogeneous dimmer in PBS. Sample is more than 95% pure. We are looking for a strategic collaboration on Nanotechnology by using S-layer protein, please contact us with your specific question. If you prefer to purchase it,  please use the Cat. No. below. This protein has been supplied to the researchers in UCLA, UT(Austin) and IBM (Well, maybe your next lovely Thinkpad is edible, so watch out your pet).

125K S-layer protein                95% pure, 500ug,          Cat. No. 2003080 $380.00 

It is a 2D platform, here is a 3D nanoscale building platform from ProteinX Lab-- HBV core particles(T=4)
Designing nano-structure? then look at the master piece of Nature--HK97 particles(T=7)
Reference: Xie Z, Hendrix RW. Assembly in vitro of bacteriophage HK97 proheads. J Mol Biol. 1995 Oct 13;253(1):74-85.

S-layer proteins as nano-building blocks

Why S-layer protein?

Proteins are the master piece of Nature, they can be divided into two categories, structural protein and functional protein. Structural protein is to support the life,  relatively simple (you can call them "nano-buiding blocks"); functional protein is to carry out life, generally more delicate (they are real "nanomachines"). S-layer proteins belong to structural protein. Other interesting structural proteins may include virus coat proteins, cell skeleton proteins.

There are a couple of  reasons that make S-layer protein are favorite nano materials compared to so-called carbon structures.

1. Biodegradable

Do we need say anything about this? 

And,  it may be not too late to remind those "nano guys" of old chinese saying, "you pay the price if you offend the Nature". Please do not destroy our beautiful planet by your non degradable nano-particles.

2. Nano manufacturing facility is available
50 years after discovery of DNA structure, it is known how proteins are made. Thus,  it is possible for us to take advantage of  the nano production line Nature provides us to make nano-building block and nanomachines. Here, what you need to do is to give it your blueprints (recombinant DNA),  sit down, and relax.
3. Self-assemblable nano building blocks for bottem-up
One of the remarkable features of structural protein is that they can self-assemble into predefined structure, and this assembly process is controllable (so-called assembly pathway).
4. Protein has more to offer than carbon structure
Basically, proteins have C-N backbone, however,  the side chain is made of other elements, including, but not limited, C, H, S, N, O, P.  Artificial proteins can have other elements. 

Understanding the rigidity and the flexibility of protein structure is still the frontier of protein assembly research. 

Do you wear silk robe? It is made of protein!